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Los Alamos Composite Squadron

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  Electronics/Robitics Lessons  
Introduction to Robotics
Lesson Reading Video Quiz Additional Resources
Introduction and Safety with Robotics x        
Why and How of Robotics? x        
Robots and Robotics (History and Uses) x        
Lesson 1: What is a Robot? x        
Lesson 2: Robots Are Sense-ible! x        
Lesson 3: Can a Robot Tie Your Shoes? x        
Lesson 4: Robot Hand (End Effector) x        
Lesson 5: Robotic Arm and End Effector x        
Lesson 6: "Out of Sight" - Remote Vehicle x        
Lesson 7: Leland and the Robotic Arm x        
Lesson 8: Strong-Arm Tactics x        
Lesson 9: Robotic Arm x        
Lesson 10: End Effector x        
Lesson 11: Brush Bots x        
Lesson 12: Fridge Rover x        
Lesson 13: Sensory Robots x        
Lesson 14: Walking Solar Robot x        
Lesson 15: "Ship the Chip" x        
Lesson 16: Robotic Gripper x        
Lesson 17: Robot Factory x        
Lesson 18: Engineering Challenge - System Engineering a Robot x        
Lesson 19: Rover Races x        
Lesson 20: Do the Roomba: A Curriculum for Learning Roomba from x        
Lesson 21: Calculator Controlled Robots x        
Summary and Additional Resources x        
Full Manual x        
Electronics Lab
Lesson Reading Video Quiz Additional Resources
Ohm Meter        
How to Solder        
Power Supply        
Function Generator        
Lesson Reading Video Quiz Additional Resources
Ohm’s Law (and Resistance)        
Direct Current        
Alternating Current        
Magnetic Fields (Transforming)        
Passive Components        
Active Components (ICs)        
Logic Components        
Discrete Interfaces        
Analog Interfaces