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Los Alamos Composite Squadron

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  CyberPatriot Lessons  
Introduction to Cybersecurity
Lesson Reading Video Quiz Additional Resources
An Introduction to Cybersecurity x        
Summary of Recent Attacks and Motivation for CAP Action x        
Concepts in Information Assurance and Cyber Warfare x        
A Tale of Two Operating Systems: DOS and Windows and *NIX x        
Exploring Careers in Cybersecurity x        
Conclusion and Next Steps (Checklist for Action) x        
Appendices x        
Full Manual x        
Communication Interfaces        
Season VIII
Lesson Reading Video Quiz Additional Resources
Season VIII Rules x        
Windows Checklist x x        
Windows Server Checklist x x        
Linux Checklist x x        
UNIX/Linux Command Cheat Sheet x        
Ubuntu Command Cheat Sheet x        
The One Page Linux Manual x        
Linux Commands Cheat Sheet x        
Linux Security Quick Reference Guide x        
Season VII Rules
Lesson Reading Video Quiz Additional Resources
Chapter 1: Organization and Participants x        
Chapter 2: Registration x        
Chapter 3: Preparation x        
Chapter 4: Online Competition Round Procedures x        
Chapter 5: Online Competition Round Rules x        
Chapter 6: The National Finals Competition x        
Chapter 7: Awards x        
Appendix x        
Season VII Rules - Full Document x        
Season VI Training
Lesson Reading Video Quiz Additional Resources
Module One: Introduction to IT Security x        
Module Two: Introduction to VMware x        
Module Three: Introduction to Windows Security x        
Module Four: Threats and Vulnerabilities x        
Module Five: How to Mitigate x        
Module Six: Networking Fundementals x        
Module Seven: Unix Operating System x        
Module Eight: Password Security x